Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working It in a Down Economy: Teen Entrepreneurial Spirit

Police: Two Teens Ran Prostitution Ring

Phoenix Police Break Up Child Prostitution Ring

Phoenix, AZ - Phoenix police have arrested two 16-year-old girls for multiple counts of child prostitution, pandering and for receiving the earnings of a prostitute.

16-Year-Old Jazmine Finley and 16-year-old Tatiana Tyre were detained at a Juvenile Corrections Center, but then booked into the Maricopa County Jail.

Police say the pair, "in an alarmingly different tactic" recruited at least five girls, aged 14 to 17, some of whom are from area high schools.

Unlike pimps who would normally work shopping malls to lure children into prostitution, these girls allegedly used their friends and contacts at schools, although no prostitution crimes were committed on school grounds.

Police say the two suspects were involved in prostitution themselves, and were responsible for recruiting, teaching and receiving money from other girls who worked for them. At one point, they even rented their own apartment in central Phoenix for the purpose of conduction a prostitution operation.

Phoenix police say they began their operation after officers in the Maryvale Precinct gave detectives information on a child prostitution ring working the area of 27th Avenue and Van Buren Street.

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